Older type of heater

I actually remember when I was young, there was this seasoned guy that lived over in this run-down dwelling. All the youngsters used to assume he was a warlock as well as that’s what they called him! One morning a bunch of youngsters wanted to ring his doorbell as well as dash. I seriously thought it was a dumb proposal but I went along with my buddies. Well they rang the doorbell as well as I stepped on something as well as hurt my foot. All my friends ran as well as I couldn’t run. When the guy came to the door, he asked who was there as well as then I stumbled over to talk to him. I told the man that I hurt my foot as well as he welcomed me inside his dwelling. He didn’t seem mean or anything even though he had a distant look. I came to learn that he was entirely blind. I was surprised that his dwelling was comfortable though. He told me he had a seasoned boiler for heating purposes, as well as that it kept the air quality just how he liked it. He explained that a boiler creates humidity naturally so it doesn’t make the air so dry. He helped me with my foot as well as had me soak my foot in some water with some sort of salt in it. It honestly seemed to work great to soothe my foot. I couldn’t believe that this was the guy that all the youngsters referred to as a warlock when he was such a nice man. I told him about it as well as he laughed as well as said he has definitely heard things like that said about him. He told me that he had lost his eyesight as well as now he has to live this way, even though he doesn’t mind it all that much. He said his son oftentimes comes through with groceries as well as helps him keep the locale in superb order. He even works on his boiler from time to time, but it requires little repair to function great. I was impressed with that boiler as well as was thinking that perhaps my own family should have a heating appliance like that.