Opening up the air vents

I attend m university in the eastern part of the country, and I rent a place just off campus.  There is hardly any parking available on campus, so I usually get stuck walking nearly a mile to reach our classroom.  From November thru the end of February, the weather in our local area is usually cold, wet and snowy. We deal with uncomfortable temperatures and snow on the ground.   I carry a backpack stuffed with heavy books, and walk through the rain, snow, and wind, then although I bundle up in a wool coat, boots, knitted hat and scarf, I just about freeze to death.  I rush to get inside the heated buildings on campus. Unfortunately, the classrooms are not consistently kept at a comfortable temperature. For our biology labs ,the heating system is overused and the classroom is stale, stuffy, and overheated.  In our English literature classroom, the professor opens the windows. He doesn’t care that he is wasting energy, allowing freezing air inside, and causing his students to shiver. The open windows are forcing the heating system to run at maximum capacity, and I’m sure it’s costing the university a fortune.   I wear my coat while in the class, and find it impossible to concentrate. Sporadically, there’s even a buildup of snow on the window sill. Although I sit right beside the heating vents, I’m still way too cold. Since the heating system in my car doesn’t work very well, I’d really like to heat up before I make the long walk back across the parking lot.

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