Our heater making a ton of noise

My bestie & I celebrated her birthday last weekend, by going to the theme park for the weekend. We booked a hotel and had arrived on Sunday evening, & our room was ready. The accommodations were impressive, including a king size bed & jacuzzi bathtub. The only real problem was the furnace in the kitchen. The furnace in the kitchen was genuinely loud, then every time we used the heater, it sounded like it was falling apart! On Friday in the day, my bestie called the front desk to complain about the loud heater. And I would be gone to the park all day, however they guaranteed the concern and issues would be remedied before we came back. My bestie & I did not get back to our room until genuinely very late in the evening. The both of us were incredibly and seriously surprised to find the furnace had been repaired. It was humming in the background, barely making any sound at all. My bestie & I had a genuinely long day, & we barely had time to remove our clothing before crashing on the bed; After the furnace was repaired, everything else was perfect. We all enjoyed more than one long days at the theme park, & took hundreds of pictures together. My bestie enjoyed her first visit to the theme park, & we brought home a ton of souvenirs, but next year, we are going to try a new theme park & a resort.

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