Love turning on that heater

The wintertime season is our preferred time of the year without a doubt, but my all time favorite thing is laying next to the fire and sipping on some warm chocolate while watching some cheesy christmas films.  Then while the wintertime season is fun and all, it wouldn’t be as special and wonderful as it is if it wasn’t for the careful and steady service of your heating appliances. For the fireplace in our house, I only use the most dry and clean wood that I cut myself from my own yard… This makes sure that no nasty bacteria gets into the air in our house and affects our breathing; along with the bacteria and other small airborne particles, the smoke released into the outside air can be legitimately awful for our farm livestock outside. The two of us rely on those animals, so that is the last thing both of us want is a sick group of critters.  For the aged heated gas furnace, I make sure to wipe and scrub it over two times a month. To most homeowners this might sound similar to overkill, although I want to make sure that our heating unit genuinely lasts the thirty years that it is supposed to. I also have our local heating, ventilation and A/C corporation come out and send a repair man and check on our heating and cooling unit just in case there are any pieces that need to be swapped out or fixed ahead of winter. Not only does this make sure that I have a warmer and more moderate wintertime season at our house, but it also helps save me a bag of cash on future service costs.

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