Our house has gross ductwork

When I bought the house, I knew a hoarder had to have lived there.  Not only did I find a lot of weird impression from heavy items, on my carpet, but I found piles and piles of old magazines in the attic.  There were unopened boxes of ‘As Seen On TV’ items, in the basement. The most prominent odor, was that of old paper. It smelled like an old  library. I tried to use deodorizers, but that wasn’t working. I must have vacuumed and wipe everything down a million times, and I still had dust the next hour.  I swear I could see it falling out of the ceiling. I was getting miserable because of my itchy eyes and sneezing, and I cursed the previous owner for never cleaning.  I got the idea to open the air vent covers, and I was glad I did. I sucked out about six bags of dirt and if it was there, I wondered out far down into the ductwork it went.  I called the HVAC company and asked if they could come out and clean the ductwork for me. It took them several hours and after they carried out their sixty bag of dirt and debris, I couldn’t watch anymore.  The HVAC tech told me they had to seal some small holes in the ductwork, but most of the dirt was from neglect. He also cleaned the furnace and put in a new HEPA filter for me. I am now breathing better, and I don’t have to worry about dusting four times a day.

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