The smart HVAC to the rescue

I went shopping yesterday.  I went to the local HVAC company and I asked them about a Smart Thermostat for my home.  I told him I was tired of having to fight with my wife over the temperature of the house.  First he asked me if I had Zone Control and I asked what it was. He told me that was when you could have a thermostat in every room of the house.  The Smart Thermostat would control all of the thermostats. With the use of my Smartphone, I would be able to monitor the temperature of every room in my home and even adjust the thermostat from everywhere there is WiFi.  That sounded so cool. He told me that the Smart Thermostat could be preprogrammed to turn up the heat or the air conditioned at different times throughout the day and night. It would turn the thermostat down to my chosen temperature, when no one was in the house, and the heat or air conditioner would go back to my chosen temperature before anyone got home.  This sounded marvelous. He also told me that there is one model that had a motion sensor. If someone came into the house, it would send me an alert, and it would start to bring the temperature to what we had set. The Smart Thermostat will also alert the HVAC company and me, if something is wrong with the furnace or AC. Now my wife and I can quit arguing over who set the thermostat or didn’t set the thermostat and we’ll always be comfortable.

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