Our house is safe

Well, things are at an all time low. I’ve thought that before, but apparently it can get a lot worse than I ever imagined at home with my husband. We simply cannot see eye to eye, and our continual arguments are starting to take a huge toll on my health overall. Not only am I constantly stressed out, but so is my immune system. That’s what happens when there is constant tension and no semblance of comfort in your home life, I suppose, and I only see one solution to making this any better for us. Yes, I’m talking about couples counseling, but a less traditional therapy style than you might immediately think of. You see, we are professionally seeing a local HVAC technician for our relationship moderation. Let me explain. For the past two years that we’ve lived in this hot and humid climate, we have had nothing but heated arguments about our indoor air quality. My husband always wants the AC running, and I am constantly catching a chill from all the cool drafts that he creates around our home. No matter where I go, it feels like there is arctic air blowing on me from unseen air vents, tormenting my body and giving me goosebumps. After a while, this inevitably turns into a head cold, and I have to convince him to leave the thermostat alone for a few weeks so I can finally repair my body. After all these fights over such a stupid indoor air quality issue, I had enough last week. I called in a professionally certified cooling technician and asked him what we could do to repair our relationship. His answer was far simpler than any relationship therapy; install zone controlled heating and cooling.

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