This is my focus

My sister has always found a way to get on my nerves. My family and friends agreed she was the preferred child growing up. Even my parents thought so. It just is not fair! She is more fit and athletic than I am, and she takes pride in her athleticism. However, I take pride in other things, like work. But working in sales definitely has its ups and downs. Overall, I love it. I have recently been going to the gym as much as I can to try to become more athletic. When I shared my althletic accomplishments with my sister, she all but laughed in my face! I explained how shocked she would be if she saw me perform, which turned out to be a mistake on my part. She proceeded to challenge me to a foot race around the block, in which the winner would be paid a substantial amount of money by the loser to use as they please. I knew what I would have used it for, a top-of-the-line Heating and Cooling system! My condo does not have any kind of HVAC unit in it right now, so having one would be a huge step up for me, and maybe I could even afford one of those mobile temperature controls to use on my smart devices! However, when the morning of the race came, I began to feel my nerves. What if she won? Then I would owe her that money I so badly wanted, not to mention how embarrassed I would be! Later that day, I was met with a loss. She completely smoked me in the race, which I almost knew was bound to happen. I said goodbye to my dreams of a new HVAC unit. At least I had the confidence to try!

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