Our man cave heating device

I like spending time in my garage, however it is a entirely great way for me to escape from the kids and all the other noise that goes on in the house. I suppose it sounds selfish that I want to get away from my kids, but they can be easily loud and distracting occasionally, and my spouse entirely does have her hands full with them, and so, my garage has become my safe haven. I have a work bench so I can do little projects and I even have a giant TV so that my friends can come over and watch the game, however they also like spending time in my garage! However, there is 1 thing that I entirely need to get figured out about the garage and that is the heating situation. I can’t figure out how to get the garage heated. I have tried to get a furnace installed but the space is so sizable that it didn’t entirely do much to heat the garage at all. I am thinking I will have to get a couple of space oil furnaces for the space and locale them around the area. I suppose this will be the most cost effective way to keep the garage hot while I am hanging out down there. I told my spouse about the space oil furnaces and she wasn’t happy because she says they are a fire hazard, and however, I am going to be harshly careful and have to make sure they are consistently turned off when I leave the garage.

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