Overheated and uncomfortable

I woke up the past few nights because I was overheated and uncomfortable. I didn’t understand why this was happening at first because I didn’t touch the thermostat or alter my usual temperature settings at all. I even thought for a moment that maybe I was under the weather. After a few nights of this, I brought it up to my family. It turns out that my daughter really enjoys sleeping in a warmer room, so she had been turning up the thermostat. Because she is young, she didn’t seem to understand how high she had been setting the temperature. My husband, who rises earlier than I do, was correcting the settings upon waking up. I was relieved that there was a logical explanation behind all of this, but I still didn’t want to continue overheating in my sleep. My husband and I talked about our options, and we are thinking of switching to a split duct system. That way, we can all set our rooms to the temperature that we prefer. Even though I may not want the heat blasting, my daughter’s comfort and preference is still important to me, so I want her to have access to more heat if she wants it. However, we will have to talk about what settings are too high because she clearly was just turning the knob on the thermostat as far as it would go! In fact, maybe we will just leave that to us. We’re thinking of switching to a smart thermostat so that we don’t have to worry about the kids treating our wall thermostat like a toy. I am all for setting the temperature warmer or cooler, but I think I’ll leave the technology behind it to the adults.

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