Efficient heating and air

For years, my house operated efficiently without a standard heating and cooling system. However, I recently installed a split duct system in my home with smart thermostat technology. I have three kids and it’s just easier to let them set their own temperature preferences for their bedrooms. When I had central heating and cooling, there was always one kid complaining of being too hot while the other was bundling up in blankets! Even though I still have control of the shared spaces, I didn’t think there was any harm in letting them control their bedrooms. However, what I didn’t realize is how much drama this would cause between the kids. My son thought it would be funny to play a prank on his sisters. He figured out how to access the controls for the other rooms on his smart thermostat app. He decided to make one sister’s room extremely hot and the other sister’s room extremely cold. This led to both sisters waking up furious and uncomfortable in the middle of the night! In turn, it woke up my husband and I. We came rushing out of our bedroom when we heard screaming, but it was just the kids arguing over my son’s prank. Sometimes kids cannot handle being trusted with technology. While I still like our split duct system, I had to take full control over the thermostat. If the kids want their room temperature adjusted, they have to come through me first. This limits how much they are toying with the temperature settings, and also how much they are toying with each other apparently! Although, it is a little bit of a hassle for me. All in all, I’m still glad we switched to the split duct system because we save money on utilities.

energy efficiency