Poor Insulation

We live in a two story house that has five bedrooms. Four of the bedrooms are upstairs on the second story, but the master bedroom is on the lower floor in the southwest corner. For some reason, the heating and air conditioning vents in the master bedroom just don’t seem to put out as much heating and cooling as any of the other air vents scattered throughout the rest of the house. At first, I thought that maybe we had a blockage in one of the ventilation vents. I thought that maybe an animal had built a nest in there, or possibly there was a big dust ball or a piece of insulation blocking the air flow from the heating vents. But after I took the covers off of the ceiling vents and the air ducts, I couldn’t find anything in either one of them. That made me wonder if it wasn’t actually a problem with the ventilation ducts; maybe it was a problem with our heating and air conditioning system itself. But my husband said that made no sense since the rest of the house was doing just fine with the same exact HVAC system. That narrowed it down to one thing. The master bedroom was built on the first floor of the house, which was built almost a hundred years ago. The second floor addition was only added in the last twenty years. I started to suspect that the reason we weren’t getting much heating or cooling in the master bedroom wasn’t because our furnace and A/C weren’t working correctly – or that the vents were blocked. Perhaps the heating and air conditioning were working just fine but the insulation in that part of the house was the problem!

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