A new HVAC job

Next week, I plan on proposing to my girlfriend.  She is more than I ever imagined I could find. She is kind, sweet, funny, and she owns her home.  That’s not a reason why I love her. She works for her dad in their family business. My girlfriend is a HVAC contractor.  When I found out about her job, I thought she went into houses and helped them to plan the type of HVAC equipment they wanted.  I thought she measured the house for sizing of the furnace and air conditioning. I never in a million years would have guessed that she also installed and maintained, not just home HVAC system, but also industrial sized HVAC system.  Last week, I wanted her to meet my mom and dad. I met hers a couple months ago and I absolutely adore them. Now it is her turn to meet the parents. My parents are a very old fashioned and conservative couple. They were devastated when I told them I was living with a girl.  My dad still believes that women belong in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant. My mom is content to stay home and cook, clean, and cater after dad. They can’t understand where I got my progressive ideas from. I was so sure they were going to go ballistic when they met Shana.  I called my mom ahead of time and told her what Shana does for a living. She was thrilled and she asked if she had any time today or tomorrow. Their air conditioning had quit working, and she hated working in the kitchen when the air conditioning wasn’t on.

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