Programming the thermostat

All month long I have been seriously shivering.  I thought it was me, however after that I realized it happened at the same time every day.  Around lunch time, the beach household would begin to cool down. I would end up walking around in my sweater or a light overcoat.  I even went into my living room and turned up the temperature control unit, hoping to get heat into my office. The HVAC Zone Control system has my office and my living room, on a single zone.  I have programmable control units and my wife had them set so the temperatures would go down considerably, at bedtime, and then back up inside the afternoon. This was a great idea, but I knew something had to be going completely wrong.  I asked her if the temperature was going down at 11AM instead of 11PM. She told me that she had set it officially. Unluckily, she had set the temperature control unit when I was still working outside of the household. I am now at my beach house all day, and I need to get some heat.  It was sixteen degrees outside, and sixty degrees inside was just to frosty to handle for me. She kind of laughed, but she agreed that it was too frosty to be in the house, when the temperature was only at sixty. She changed the settings on the temperature control unit, and told me that it would stay at sixty-six all day long.  I was okay with that, but I wasn’t going to believe it until I seen it for myself. I was working in my office the next day. When noon came around, I was still comfortable and able to work without my finger feeling as though it were frostbit.

programmable thermostat