Forgot that a/c appointment

A few days after my university classes ended, I started having concerns with the a/c unit. The teenagers were at the beach house all afternoon, & the a/c component was running inconsistently. When I noticed how the a/c component was running one afternoon, I decided to book an appointment with the Heating and A/C business in our local area. I was certain that the people I was with and I had some serious problems. I did not want the issue to become a significant problem. Our a/c component was just a few years old, & still under warranty for major concerns. I made an appointment for last tuesday afternoon. The appointment was tied up for 10 in the afternoon. Sometime around 9 a.m., I gained a call from my wife. She was on her way to work, & the car broke down. She needed me to pick her up from a car dealership. I thought I could make it to the dealership & back before the Heating and A/C business rep arrived for the tied up appointment. I left both of my teenagers home, & drove as abruptly as the law would allow. I picked up my wife, & traffic was moving very abruptly. My child called on the cellphone, when I was still a few miles away from the house. The Heating and A/C business arrived a few moments early. When there was no supervising adult in the home, the Heating and A/C business decided to leave. I instantly contacted their service corporation, & told them I was a few miles away from the house. Luckily, the business rep was still in the area,. She turned the truck around & came back to look at our Heating and A/C unit.

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