Radon in our water

Radon gas occurs naturally, when there is elements that start to Decay. Radium is a relative radioactive element that makes the radon radioactive. When the radon begins to Decay, it easily forms some plutonium which is also considered a radioactive it type of element. It is this type of element produced that is a problem for people’s lungs in addition to the air. This awful gas can cause destruction to lungs in addition to other parts of the body. And legitimately small amounts, radon is easily carried through soil, rocks, in addition to water. Some specific rock types are naturally and known to produce high amounts of this gas. During the 1980s, the USGS researched some radionic material that was a limited mostly to groundwater. The high concentrations were found near the sea, depending on the individual weather conditions from the area. They immediately found high elevations of a terrible gas that was not found in dry regions. The weather conditions are actually more humid, which causes lower occurrences of this gas. The very most likely reason is considered old water. Because the dry air doesn’t evaporate much, there is no way for new water to filter the ground. The ground filters cause the water to be oxygenated, in addition to the fact that this causes the radon to easily Escape in a high concentration. A loan kneeling well will considerably have high levels than a purified station. The filtration areas in addition to oxygenation helps to lower all of the radon activity in our drinking water.

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