Winter time and cold feet

Working out in the winter is way tougher. It is no wonder that we all gain winter weight. I don’t wish to drive to the gym in feet of snow and ice all over the roads. Most of the time I end of working out in my garage. It is always a really low quality workout. Getting warm when your house is around 59 degrees is tough. I usually have to work out right in front of my heating system when I start off. As I get warmer, I then begin to move away from the heater. The problem is not really the air around me being frosty though. The issue is that the floors in my home are so frosty. Unless I am close to the fireplace, I am very cold. Doing any sort of jumps, skips or push ups is quite difficult. The flooring is so icy that my feet usually end up getting numb. When I do crunches, it is tough. Do I want to sweat a lot and possibly burn myself on the radiator? Or do I want to freeze the entire time away from heat? I know heated flooring would really be quite awesome in this situation. The larger problem is the lack of insulation around my baseboards, honestly. Cold air comes through the windows and under the doors as well. The cold air drifts at the floor, ruining my workout. Rather than get a new heating device, I need to seal up the home with weatherstripping. If the home remains cold, my workouts will continue to be bad.

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