raffle for heating

Over the last week, our local propane store has been holding a raffle, then every time someone makes any purchase, their name is entered into the free giveaway, the propane store is going to give away a free heater. This sit up furnace is a $250 value & actually handy during these Winter weeks. The sit up furnace is perfect for parties & other events. The furnace has a space to hide the propane tank, & hides in the background easily. This furnace is a great addition to any patio or carport. This propane furnace provides plenty of warm air for a 200 square foot area. I found out about this giveaway, when I had the furnace service appointment last week, however our family was entered into this drawing, and last weekend, I gained a telephone call from our local propane store, my family & I did not win the current propane heater, however our name was picked for a consolation prizeā€¦ All of us won 4 tickets to the films in our village. My teenagers were legitimately stoked, because they wanted to see the current Marvel Comics film. I wouldn’t normally spend so much money to see something in the theater. I usually make the teenagers wait until the film is at the rental kiosk! When I told them about the free film tickets, they were completely ecstatic.Since the movie tickets were free, the people I was with and I went to the films on opening afternoon. The teenagers saved up their allowance, so they could buy popcorn & candy at the films. I paid for all to get slurpees. All of us had a actually nice time, all thanks to the propane dealership.

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