Rebuilding from the fire

Last year we suffered from a pretty massive fire at our house. This house had been in our family for three generations, and one day it was supposed to pass on to me. The fire managed to destroy all of that wonderful history, and steal away my birthright. My parents took the opportunity to just move down to the south, as they have wanted to do since they retired. That left me alone with a badly damaged house that was absolutely unliveable.  I still owned the property, and the house still had a sturdy foundation, so I decided to rebuild. I knew a little carpentry, and had some experience with plumbing and HVAC systems, so I decided to use the insurance money from the fire to hire some help and start building. Everything turned out to be ten times more complicated and expensive than I thought, especially when it came to installing the ductwork. A strong system of air ducts is needed before you can even think about working on the heating and cooling systems, but even that was giving me a hard time. I was getting so fed up with the ductwork problem I considered throwing in the towel on the house. But then I remembered all those great times we had experienced in the house, and on the land, and I realized I couldn’t let a stupid HVAC system get the better of me. I decided to call in a trained expert, and had a certified HVAC technician come out to the house and help me finish installing the air ducts.

HVAC tech