Finally promoted at work, making changes

I can’t believe it’s finally happened! What a day, what a life, what a world! I have been waiting for this event for over 10 years, and now I’m living it to the fullest. I’m actually pretty nervous about this, but here we go… let’s see how this plays out. What’s so exciting, you ask? Well, I finally got the promotion I’ve been waiting for at work, and that means I can finally touch the office thermostat! Since the moment I stepped foot into this building, I have been waiting for a career advancement and the authority to make changes around here – temperature control changes, that is. You see, on the day that I interviewed for the position, I remember the air quality more than anything else. It was cold and wet inside the office, as if the air was from a freezing cold swamp. To make matters worse, it was drafty and blowing cold air from every single direction at once! From that day forth, every single morning was spent hyping myself up to face the rampant AC at the office. I brought sweaters and space heaters to keep warm at my desk, but nothing could help the brutally cold indoor air temperatures. For a decade, I toiled away at my position, desperately wishing that I would be heard when I asked for more responsibilities and a touch of warmth. My coworkers agreed, but we were freezed out by management – literally. Well, after a decade of shivering at my desk and clenching my chattering teeth through meetings, it’s finally happened! I’m making big changes to the way we do business around here, and it starts with less air conditioning… today!

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