Reducing my energy loss

I live in the easily northern area of the country, where the weather is painfully  cold. Unfortunately I absolutely detest Winter season. The temperature in this region is below chilly for the majority of the year.  It is not untypical for the temperatures to drop down below zero for several weeks at a time. With the added wind chill, it is downright dangerous to go outside as well.  I am imprisoned in my home for many weeks out of the year. It is then necessary to keep the windows shut, insulate, caulk, weatherstrip plus prevent any leak which might allow the heated air to escape outside.  Although I still spend a ton of cash to heat my house. The oil furnace actually seems to run non stop plus the home often still feels slightly cold. Plus, the air becomes dreadfully stale plus dry. I deal with chapped lips, dry skin, frizzy hair, plus static shock even.  I’ve considered adding a ventilation setup or a humidifier to improve comfort plus air quality, but I simply hate the idea of spending more cash to combat the effects of the horrible Winter season weather. I’ve already invested a ton of money to purchase, install plus maintain our oil furnace.  I too have purchased tons of Winter season gear, including a wool coat, heavy boots, scarf, hat plus gloves. I’ve had no option however but to also purchase snow shovels, ice scraper plus a snow blower. If I happen to want to leave the house, it’s necessary to spend multiple minutes shoveling the walkways, clearing the driveway plus brushing off the car.  I need to also let the car’s gas furnace run for at least fifteen minutes in order to thaw the windshield. Because of the snow plus ice, I’ve also spent extra cash to own a four-wheel-drive vehicle.

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