Scary heating noise

My classmates are decent people, but I swear none of these kids have never seen an old central gas furnace system in their everyday lives, however while my school buddies all live in the dorms, I was unable to get in, so instead I just rent a small home just off campus. While paying rent as well as dealing with cooking as well as cleaning is a bit of a process, my place has become all the people’s number one to go to. Since I don’t have an RA to report to, no one has to worry about having a glass of wine or getting too loud that their neighbors can’t go to bed, then however, my home is also legitimately old as well as is far from the nicest! The whole triple decker runs off the original gas lines from when the city was first built a long time ago, with a gas boiler for each floor. While the boilers have been upgraded, the pipes and the giant radiators are all totally original. So, they tend to make noise when they start up! I personally like the noise, it’s great to know that my central gas furnace is doing its job! But 1 of my classmates is convinced it means my house is haunted by a ghost. He was up late reading a book for class in my residing room while I wrapped up a paper, and swore up as well as down he heard a voice as well as the pages of his book moved on their own. However, my classmate was laying right next to the radiator. Since the gas boiler is a steam powered system, it makes a whistle sound when it needs to let off pressure. That whistle can put off enough air to move light pages, if you rest close enough, but despite this, he is determined to guess my house is haunted as well as nothing will convince him of anything different.

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