See what I mean about the HVAC difference?

I travel for a living.  It takes a certain breed, I will attest to that.  Being away from my home for 30 or more weeks a year is a definite sacrifice.  I don’t have any children. But, my wife sure isn’t crazy about all the road time.  She has begun to work from home with her own business. Most of her meeting are through the computer or by phone.  So, it was decided she should start coming along with me on my road trips. I normally stay at 3 star motels or small hotels.  My company budgets for 4 star accomodations. But, I choose the 3 star variety for one reason and one reason alone. The quality of the HVAC units in 3 star lodging is far and away superior to their 4 star cousins.  I know this but my wife refuses to believe it. On the initial road trip together, she pleaded to stay in the nicer accommodations. I agreed, with the understanding that as soon as the HVAC acted up we would then be choosing lodging based on heating and cooling.  My wife doesn’t travel much so she was shocked when all the windows were sealed shut. Her subsequent thought was to blast the air conditioning to get some cool air flow. Like clockwork, the HVAC cooled the room down by nearly 2 degrees. Five calls to the front desk and two visits from a maintenance guy later and nothing changed.  The wife was livid and slept maybe 2 hours that night. I didn’t sleep all that much either but it wasn’t my first experience with sub par HVAC units in 4 star hotels. We gladly packed our bags the next morning and checked out. The front desk manager was shocked we were choosing “one of those motels” over his establishment. My wife left him with some very pertinent and pointed HVAC reasons for our early departure.