My Parents Called This Morning

My mom called me early this morning to tell me that their air conditioning was not working well enough to keep their home cool.  When they got up, they realized that the temperature inside their home was not their preferred climate control. When they checked the thermostat, it read somewhere in the nineties.  I can only see that rising, since we are going to have another scorching hot day. I stay very busy with my sales job, and since I know absolutely nothing about air conditioning systems, or HVAC at all, I thought it best to call an A/C provider.  Of course my parents did not want me to, out of concerns about the cost of the A/C repair. However, I grew up there, so I know the air conditioning system is old, and I can afford to help them. I will consider a whole new HVAC system, if necessary.  Expense is not a worry for me, and I would much rather they be comfortable with their climate control and their indoor air quality. If the HVAC check turns out to be a simple repair, like a nonfunctioning thermostat, it may not be time for a new HVAC installation.  However, if there is more going on with their current air conditioner, they may need a new A/C. For now, my wife went over and retrieved my parents to have them visit with her in the air conditioning. I went over later to meet up with the A/C technician, leaving my parents at my place for the day, in the air conditioning.

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