Seems like constant air filter changes

The thing people don’t tell you about a lot of statistics is that there is regularly a variance. When you consider those numbers in the news, you need to remember that this might not regularly be the case for you as well. Let me explain: I take a vitamin D pill each and every day. I do this, because I live in the north and sunshine is hard to come by for most of the winter. My brother, on the other hand, takes a vitamin D pill once a week, since his chronic illness requires it of him. Though my bottle says ‘do not exceed dose unless directed by a doctor,’ he does exactly that! The same can be said of your vehicle and your HVAC system. If you put your vehicle through the ringer, you’ll need to change the oil more often. If you have a lot of pets or have a fairly dirty home most of the time, you’ll need to change your air filter more often! Most HVAC company websites will tell you that you need to change your air filter at least once a month, on average. The keywords being “on average”, that term does not always apply to everyone! I change my air filter once a week because I have a cat, and I vacuum and dust often. My mother in law has 4 pets and a small house, but she also lives with plenty of yard space for the pets to run around. However, that small house and 4 pets means a lot of pet hair in the air conditioning system and ductwork! So my mother in law changes her air filter at least every month. Be sure to take stock of your household, and find the best air filter rotation schedule that right for you!

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