Boiler running our hot water

I just started this new job recently, mostly to help pay for the rising the costs of oil in my area. However, it’s not going to work out quite as easily as I thought! I’d hoped if I started early enough, I would be able to get paid right away. This is where I went wrong! I didn’t think that this job, like most in retail, only pays biweekly. Since my first day of labor was between pay cycles, I won’t get paid for another 3 weeks! I even asked if I could just get a single weeks pay, but no such luck. The payroll for this large company doesn’t work like that! Until I get paid, I have to now ration the fuel for my oil boiler. Since my house runs off of a boiler, I also have to ration sizzling water as well! The water oil furnaces in my house are all heated through the oil boilers, instead of an electric heater for the water. I guess the oil boiler allows for making sizzling water a lot faster, but it also means the sizzling water is a finite resource! Now I not only have to mind my temperature control to make sure the oil boiler isn’t running too often – I also have to mitigate my showers, and even dishwashing! Thankfully I already do all of my laundry in cold water, so that has one less thing to take care of. I can’t even afford a space heater right now, as the nice ones which don’t run up the light bill are very expensive. I was at least able to purchase an electric blanket from work, which lets me stay warm when I watch TV.