Selfish about giving my in laws my window AC

There are times that I literally amaze myself with how selfish I am. I will try to weasel out of things that I know I need to do. If somebody wants to borrow a book of mine, I always lie and say I can’t find it. The newest selfish thing is that my in laws need air conditioning in their little house. Their AC unit had up and quit on them. The weather is around 80 degrees every single day. They are in their 70s too, so they need to have a cooling unit. Well, they could go to the store and buy an air conditioner. They also could order one online and have it shipped to their house. My husband noticed that we have a window air conditioner unit that I had not installed. My husband wants to give the AC unit to his parents. First, I am not willing to give it to them for free. They either will need to cough up the money for it or my husband needs to buy it off me. I am not just giving my little window cooling unit away out of the goodness of my heart. Also, I don’t want to give them my air conditioner. I bought the window AC with the idea that I would set it up in the guest room. When people come over, they can have cooling. I picked the model I liked and I want to keep. Technically I don’t need the AC right away, but I don’t want my in-laws to just take it.

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