Setting the temperature on my thermostat

Klein and Daisy recently moved into an apartment.  It’s located in a city, without too much city life though. One of the best things is that is is close to the places of business. Instead of a long drive to and from the store each day, Klein and Daisy can walk or ride their bikes to get food, milk or go to the post office. They save lots of money this way. They don’t need to use gas plus gets lots of extra exercise with their bikes. Daisy likes spending the extra time at the loft too, and enjoys seeing the trees in the neighborhood each day as well.  However, Klein and Daisy live in a warmer weather area. So, it can get pretty warm for them. Even riding bikes will cause my friends to get hot by the time they get back to the house. The best part of the whole thing is when they are walking back home. They then arrive to the cooling of the loft after being out in the sizzling sun. Klein and Daisy will both stand in front of the air conditioner vent and bask in the cool air. At the start of Summer though, upon returning home, Klein and Daisy opened the front door to find it wasn’t quite as refreshing as what they though.  The thermostat was set to 60 degrees, however the temperature inside was over 80 degrees; Klein went and evaluated the cooling device, only to find it was not working and looked real rusty.

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