NO a/c anymore

I set our alarm for 6:00 am, which is kind of early, because I wanted to have plenty of time to shower as well as shave before work. It was going to be a mighty day, as well as the corporate office was going to be there giving someone a raise. Someone was going to be getting a pressing promotion, as well as I wanted that someone to be me, not my idiot coworker. When the alarm went off, I hit snooze, but then I got up as well as got right in the shower. After our shower, I stood in the bathroom to shave my face It was undoubtedly warm in the bathroom, even with the ventilation fan running overhead. I casually strolled out in the hall, to check the thermostat. The temperature on the thermostat was 77 degrees, despite the A/C being set to 70 degrees. I just knew it was a problem, but since tt was an pressing day at work, I decided to wait until later to deal with the A/C issue. When I finally left work and drove home, it was almost ninety degrees in the house. I thought it would be too late to call for A/C service. I looked online as well as found multiple HVAC providers with late availability. Some Heating, Ventilation & A/C providers even had emergency 24 hours a day service. I paid an extra bit of money, because the service fourths were after 8 o’clock. They arrived an fourth after I put in the call, as well as immediately were able to repair my A/C. I was so glad to have the A/C doing its job again, as well as I tipped the A/C maintenance guy 50 bucks just to show my gratitude.

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