Setting the thermostat a little different

I do not mind the holidays even though I do not care for the hustle plus bustle plus the constant coming plus going in between family members’ houses! I go to a few different family members’ houses for the holiday season. My many family members have different households, meaning that both of them have their thermostats set to entirely different hot plus cold temperatures. This is another reason why I would rather just stay in the comfort of my own household plus have the ability to adjust the thermostat to my liking. First in the morning every one of us go to my Grandmother’s household. My Grandmother’s condo is normally really overheated, plus because she is older she does not love to be frosty. Therefore her thermostat is set to at least 85 degrees. When I am at my Grandmother’s condo I have to make sure that I am not wearing a heavy sweatshirt. After a few minutes of being there, every one of us end up going to my sibling’s household. My sibling’s condo is really freezing because she sets her thermostat to about 55 degrees. I constantly have to make sure that I am wearing a heavy jacket plus a sweater because she constantly complains that it is too overheated. I believe next year I am going to hold the holidays at my household because I set my thermostat to an average temperature of about 73 degrees. I am not too sizzling plus am I not overly cold, I feel just right. Not to mention, if my Grandmother whines about it being too frosty or my sibling complaining about it being too sizzling plus they try to adjust the temperature through the thermostat they can’t access it because they require a passcode. It’s really nice having an advanced smart thermostat!

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