Setting up our central air conditioner

My cousin was quite an unusual sort of person.  I enjoyed her to death, however she always seemed to take the opposite opinion of anyone else.  I once asked why she did this and he said it got boring just hearing pretty much everyone say the same thing always. She thought that an argument once in a while was good for the spirit.  I had to laugh when she got into a confrontation with our father, her brother, about putting central heating and A/C into the home. She told him that she had never had air conditioning and she didn’t want it.  She told him how he would be sick if he were to have all of that chilly air blowing around all of the time. She even brought up the older sibling card and said she had to respect her, and she backed down about the air conditioning.  Only a couple of weeks or so later, I went to spend the weekend with her. While I was there, she had a man from the HVAC contractor come to the home and they sat at the kitchen table. She told him what kind of air conditioning she wanted and she even knew what add-ons she wanted.  She wanted an air purification system and a dehumidifier that went right into the air conditioner. When she left, I asked her about the stance on air conditioning. I saw the twinkle in her eye when she told me our father was just too much fun not to want to rile him up once in a while!

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