What we did for heating back in the day

Have you ever heard some talk about walking to school, 10 miles uphill both ways.  My husband and I were talking about that the other day. Our parents used to tell us that when we complained about having to walk.  I realized suddenly, that it was possible. I had to walk down the mountain, walk across town, and then up the other mountain to get to my school.  I did the reverse on the way home, so I was walking uphill, both ways. It’s funny how suddenly things make sense to you, when you get older. My mother used to talk about how she would get to school to have the bottom of her dress frozen and her stockings were stuck to her legs. They had small furnaces in each room when she went to university.  She told me they would conflict each other to see who would be the closest to the stove, so they could get the heat and dry first. Sometimes the teenagers would win out, because their pants would be frozen stiff. I walked to school, and I remember having my feet frozen and hair frozen because I went out with it wet. I didn’t have the ability to sit by a stove to thaw out. At least we had heating in our school. The two of us had a gas furnace heater that kept the entire school moderate plus cozy.  It wasn’t nearly as poor and bad as when my parents went to school. Maybe, but, it would have been nice to have a whole room gas furnace, or stove, to be beside, when we got to university. You would all that heat to moderate you up and there was no waiting required.

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