Small diner needs some HVAC

I work for a little diner and our boss is a genius. She makes the best pizza I have ever tasted however her storefront is super small. When she opened her business she could not afford absolutely much in square footage. So her business holds the study room and only more than one tables. So most of the currency had to come from deliveries. The pizza is good enough and word of mouth spread to where people come in again and again. People have mentioned him getting a bigger store for her food. My boss says that she will never do that. She does not want to spend money more for electric, plumbing, heating and cooling. Right now she only has a bathroom for the employees and the AC is in the back. All of us get cooling for making the pizzas and not the front tables. All of us don’t even need heating in the Winter time because of the ovens, and nobody sits at the tables anyway, so why waste the AC or heating? Her utility costs are dirt cheap and with a bigger building that would change. She would need to add more than one more bathrooms for the public and have Heating and A/C unit extend to the dining area. She would need both heating and cooling too. Heating and A/C is not exactly cheap and neither is plumbing. So our boss always tells people she is not there yet financially. The small business is making him way more currency than a huge diner would. Who would have thought to split out plumbing and Heating and A/C expenses with a diner? This is so smart if you ask me.

HVAC upgrade