Smart thermostat causing some issues

Last week we had a smart thermostat installed in our home, and I really appreciate that smart thermostat. It has acquired our preferred settings as well as it’s convenient that every one of us don’t even have to make adjustments to it legitimately very often. It’s even better that when every one of us do want to modify the temperature control settings, we can all entirely do it from our cell phones. Well, the other afternoon when my partner went to the store to go grocery shopping to get a few things, my child was with her, and apparently, she was playing with her phone as well and didn’t recognize anything of it, then she got onto the smart app that controls the weather conditions and control plan and changed the temperature up as well as down. I was at our home toiling on the ipad and thought it was rather different that the heating system would engage, as well as the the cooling plan would engage too. I figured that the smart thermostat must have been going haywire! I tried changing the thermostat settings back to normal but then they would go haywire again! I decided to call the HVAC supplier, as well as the Heating and A/C worker who was asking me if anybody else had access to the smart app. I said the only other woman who had access was my partner as well and she wouldn’t be changing the thermostat like crazy. Then I realized that our young child was with her and could have been playing on the iphone… I called my partner as well and asked her what was going on, she said that Tommy was in fact playing some game on the iphone. I said that the thermostat was going so crazy that she might have been playing on the smart thermostat app and she checked and saw that the smart app was on. She apologized and said she wouldn’t be playing with the iphone anymore.

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