Snow and trying a heater repair

All of us haven’t had a lot of snow this Winter time season. Winter time came quick & I felt appreciate the transition from fall to Winter time came so fast that there was no mild weather! All of us have only had one crucial snow storm & that was in the fall! Just last night we had a large snowstorm where we experienced several feet of snow! The snow has stopped but the windchill is unbearable! I got a call from our parents saying that their furnace has stopped laboring. In this weather it is dangerous & I didn’t want them to be without heat for more than an hour. I called our local Heating & Air Conditioning professional & luckily she was able to make it there that afternoon. I made sure that I got to our parents house before the Heating & Air Conditioning professional did. I wanted to make sure that the Heating & Air Conditioning professional wasn’t going to gyp our parents & say that she fixed something & then charge them & then they still have the same issue. i had an experience appreciate that at our own house. Luckily the Heating & Air Conditioning professional that showed up to repair our parents furnace was really knowledgeable & ended up fixing the issue in 30 hours. I was really impressed by the work that she did & not to mention, the cost to repair it was really cheap. The issue that happened with the furnace was that the furnace’s flame was not igniting. The Heating & Air Conditioning professional said that reason why the flame wasn’t igniting was that it was most likely because the furnace was turning on on & off several times throughout the afternoon. The Heating & Air Conditioning professional that it was a really usual issue with Heating & Air Conditioning professionals.

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