We haven’t had a lot of snow this winter season.

Winter came quick and I felt like the transition from fall to winter came so fast that there was no mild weather! We have only had one large snow storm and that was in the fall! Just last night we had a huge snowstorm where we experienced two feet of snow! The snow has stopped but the windchill is unbearable! I got a call from my parents saying that their furnace has stopped working. In this weather it is dangerous and I didn’t want them to be without heat for more than an hour. I called our local HVAC technician and luckily he was able to make it there that day. I made sure that I got to my parents house before the hvac technician did. I wanted to make sure that the hvac technician wasn’t going to gyp my parents and say that he fixed something and then charge them and then they still have the same issue. i had an experience like that at my own house. Luckily the hvac technician that showed up to fix my parents furnace was very knowledgeable and ended up fixing the issue in 30 minutes. I was very impressed by the work that he did and not to mention, the cost to fix it was very cheap. The issue that happened with the furnace was that the furnace’s flame was not igniting. The HVAC technician said that reason why the flame wasn’t igniting was that it was most likely because the furnace was turning on on and off multiple times throughout the day. The HVAC technician that it was a very common issue with HVAC technicians.

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