Some loud noises

This upcoming weekend, my wife and  I were planning a nice little shindig with our friends. I  would be cooking on the grill and everyone would be bringing some great food to eat. My wife was a little worried about anything going wrong but I told her it would be alright. I also said there was nothing to worry about because our HVAC unit would do the talking! What I meant by that was that we always kept up with our HVAC service, and since I  just had our HVAC system checked out by our regular HVAC specialist, everything was running at full capacity! It was going to be a hot weekend, in fact one of the hottest on record in recent years. I knew that with that ice-cold air conditioner blowing, there was no way that we could possibly have a bad time. The only thing my wife needed to worry about was cooking some of her specialty desserts. She was going to make her delicious chocolate chip brownies and some peach cobbler! What could possibly go wrong with all this delicious food, superior air conditioner blasting, and great company? When I explained these things to my wife, that sort of eased her worries a little bit. Then she asked what if I burned the food on the grill? I laughed plus said “You think I love some burnt food! I’m going to make the meats extra crispy and we’re going to have black hot dogs.” Of course I was kidding about this, mostly. I do love my hot dogs to be a little on the darker side.

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