Started their own HVAC company

My child recently came around and started her own Heating and A/C dealer.  I am legitimately proud of him at this point plus all she has accomplished in the last fifteen years.  When she first wanted to go to university to become a Heating and A/C worker, I thought it was going to be just another of her ventures.  I had paid for him to go to university for many unusual careers, even though it was clear she constantly just blew them off. Finally, a single day she told  myself and several others that she wanted to be a Heating and A/C worker. I told him that if she entirely decided she wanted to go to Heating and A/C university, I would pay half of the tuition, all this even though she would need to come up with the other half.  I was shocked when she came and told myself and others that she had found a task with a Heating and A/C dealer. They were certainly going to pay him to labor in their inventory department, if she was going right off to Heating and A/C university. She worked entirely hard for the entire multiple months that it took at that time to get her certifications.  When she was finished with the certificate course, she went right on to get licensed in many specialty Heating and A/C departments. I had to admit that I was feeling entirely proud. Since then, she has become license in all fields of heating, indoor ventilation plus A/C. She is planning on specializing in ‘green’ Heating and A/C. she wants to eventually be a leader in the Heating and A/C industry when it comes to only installing Heating and central A/C systems that follow the ‘green’ codes.  I am seriously proud of her recent accomplishments, plus I think that she will be tops in her field legitimately soon.

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