Staying away from the windows

I keep on friendly terms with the people next door. Rose and I live in a village, where the houses are jammed tightly next to each other. It works to be close with the neighbors, so there are no arguments to be had. My wife Rose plus I bought our house about 10 years ago, when we first got hitched. Now our oldest kid is about to start school. The neighbors who reside next to us, moved into the town a few years back. They keep to their own side, but I’ve seen them outside with their dogs. They usually say what’s up or just nod to us. Last week we had a major blizzard on our hands. The weather was in the lower negatives a few weeks in a row, plus we had snow falling near every day. Around the evening that night, I heard a loud knock on the door. It was the next door guy, who was having trouble with the heating system. He was trying to contact the local furnace repair company, but they were not answering the iphone. He talked to us to see if we had any small gas furnaces or area furnaces. Happily, I keep 2 extra area gas furnaces in the garage. In a hardcore situation, these kind of gas furnaces can particularly supply a wonderful deal of heating. I was glad to offer the area gas furnaces to my guy next door. My wife Rose advised  that we offer them a locale to sleep in at. I agreed it was the right thing to do and did just that.

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