I got rid of my heater

I’ve typically been in touch with our neighbors. We live in a tight community, where the houses are close to each other. It helps to be buddies with the neighbors, so there are no issues coming around. My wife Lola as well as I bought our condo about 23 years ago, when Lola and I first got married. Now our oldest kid is about to start leaving the house. The neighbors who live next to us, got right into the neighborhood a few years ago. They keep to their own side, however I’ve seen them outside on a time or more. They usually say hi or just smile at us. Last week all of us had a major storm on our hands. The weather was in the negatives for 2 weeks in a row, as well as all of us had snow falling almost every single day. Around 9 o’clock at night, I heard a loud thump at the door. It was the next door couple, who was having trouble with the gas furnace. The couple was trying to contact the local gas furnace repair service, but they weren’t answering the phone. The couple asked if all of us had any small gas furnaces or space gas furnaces. Luckily, I keep 2 additional space gas furnaces in the garage. In a dire situation, these space gas furnaces can legitimately give a great deal of warmth. I was pumped up to offer the space gas furnaces to our couple next door. My Lola offered them the place to sleep. I agreed it was the right thing to do.

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