Staying up to date with technology

When I was a younger man, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a private Catholic school up to 5th grade. I still remember going to that school plus then moving away. The new public school wanted me to skip a grade, but our mom wouldn’t let them. I was bored a lot. One thing I was glad about though, was the fact that the public college in the south used a/c. There was no such thing as a/c is our little school up north. Of course, there is no school in the dead of summer. So cooling system was not easily that needed. But, it still it would have been nice. I did not know there were places that used a/c. So when I was in that new school, the AC felt just great. I am 100% certain that now, people would not put their children in a southern school unless it had a/c. Most schools now have both heating plus cooling. The kids are so spoiled nowadays. I must say that I am just spoiled as they are. I would not want to live without our central a/c, and I would not want our youngsters to have to go school without heating plus cooling. The size of the schools around here are incredible too. The colleges are large with a ton of kids and quality HVAC. I bet the Heating plus A/C bill is big to fit the building size too!

A/C system