Picking out our own cardstock

As a kid, I remember the archway we had between the kitchen and the living room.  At Christmas time it was heavily adorned with all of the Christmas cards we used to receive.  They glitter against the garland and amidst all of the brightly twinkling lights. Over the years, the Christmas cards dwindled and I thought maybe it was just that people couldn’t afford the cards anymore, but then I noticed my mom not sending out as many.  Her hands were arthritic, but she saved the cards from year to year and only sent out to those who sent to her. It was soon something that became a chore, instead of a cheerful sign of the Christmas season. I plan on having my printer create special cards for me this year.  I haven’t received a Christmas card in almost five years. I have a list of twenty people I want to send Christmas greeting to. I will have each card printed with their name and there will be a personal greeting from me. I want to have a special message that will let them know that card was meant only for them.  I bought a really good printer this year and I was hoping to make the cards at home. Unfortunately, no matter how good the cards may look, they are never as nice as those that my printing service does. I even found a printing service that will do small quantities of wine glasses, coffee cups and even ornaments. They can be personalized for all of my loved ones because of this printing service.

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