Staying warm while snowed in

Last year I spent seven weeks snowed in at my cabin. People were so worried about me! When service came back to my phone, and the power came back up, I was flooded with concerned calls and messages. I had to laugh at it all, because that flood of contact just made me wish I was still snowed in. Being stuck in my cabin for long periods of time is really the closest thing to a vacation I ever get, so I tend to enjoy it. Seven weeks is quite a while, but I have enough supplies to keep myself in food, water, and heating for at least three months so I had plenty to spare. In that situation, my top priority is to make sure I have the supplies to keep adequate heating in the cabin for a long enough time. I always keep a large supply of firewood on hand for the fireplace, but I also have a natural gas heating unit on hand. I don’t like the natural gas furnace, because it gives off a funny odor, but if push comes to shove and the wood burning furnace is jammed up, at least I have a back up plan. Last year I didn’t even take the little heater out of the storage shed, because the fireplace met my heating needs for the entire time. Another benefit of the wood burning stove is that there is a flat cooking surface on the top of it, so I can heat up all my food while heating up the cabin.

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