Lizard Sitting

This past week we have been pet sitting for our friend Holly. She has two parakeets and two lizards, and they’ve basically been very little trouble. One of the birds is super sweet and it will sit on your shoulder and give you kisses if you ask for smooches. The other bird is kind of mean and it likes to bite the other bird and the lizards. I’m not a fan of that one! I mean, who wants a mean little bird flying around trying to bite them on the nose? Not me. I ended up letting the nice bird out for most of the week but I left the mean one in his cage. The lizards, on the other hand, ended up being a bit of a problem. Not because they are troublemakers or anything, but because they are so high maintenance when it comes to heating and cooling. I don’t know what you know about lizards, but they have to have special lights for heating them and they also have to have a type of radiant flooring in the floors of their cages to keep warm. That’s because they are cold blooded reptiles. Well, of course, on the first day we had them, their heating light stopped working and it was going to take four days for me to order a replacement heating element for them. I started to panic, thinking that I was going to accidentally let Holly’s lizards freeze to death while they were in my care. So I did the only thing I could think to do: I turned our thermostat all the way up so that the electric furnace would turn on. I left the electric furnace running for three days straight! The temperature in my house was unbearable for me, but the lizards seemed to be pretty happy!

heated floors