Struggling to fix the a/c system

I was really struggling when I was first starting out university. Honestly, the hardest thing was not having a working cooling method in our site, and there was a temperature control and technically there was central air conditioning, but it was broken, however part of the reason why our rent was so dirt cheap was because of no working air conditioning plus the property owner said I would have to purchase our own air conditioning component due to the fact she couldn’t afford to fix the central air conditioning, i figured I would be alright with our stationary fan, but in all honesty, it was hard to focus on our studies, when I was talking to a wonderful friend of mine about how unbearable it was in our site, that’s when she was telling me that her parents were going to have central air conditioning put in her place instead. She told me that they made a wonderful living since her father was a doctor, plus her mother was a lawyer at the time. I was saying that must be nice. That’s when she told me that I was constantly a quality friend to him plus asked if I would love to have her aged window air conditioning unit. She said it wasn’t much but I said I would definitely take it! She brought it over on the day she was having her new central Heating, Ventilation and A/C installed, and she showed me all the new and fancy features. I couldn’t guess she thought this thing was junk because it was a rather advanced cooling unit. It even had a smart temperature control that you could control on your smartphone! I told my friend she was the best plus purchased him some beers.

a/c system