AC helping us out

I really don’t like to sound dramatic, but I am a woman of the sea. I have been raised on the side of the ocean, part of a long line of fishermen plus fishwives, and have been glad to option up the mantle of our forebears, then this is often a dangerous and very lonely life. I always fight the waves plus the elements chasing substantial dollar fish. I am often gone for three weeks at a time, and just might only be beach house a few days before heading back out. It is not a life for the soft, that’s for sure, however every single Winter we go out to the deep sea, plus our heating is always unacceptable, then during the short however brutally warm summers, the boat is always lean on cooling. It is actually greatly improved from when I first started sailing on this boat, even when there wasn’t even the little AC component in the galley that we have now. At least on the worst of days there is a small haven of cooling on the boat, even if it is just the one small room! Back in the morning there wasn’t even that much AC on the boat, but whenever I get back to the beach, I almost always take a cab ride back home, plus ask the driver to turn down the AC as low as it will go. Then when I get beach house it’s always a  nice and warm meal, a hotter shower, plus I plant our butt in front of the air vent for a few minutes catching up with netflix. It’s a difficult life, but the AC makes it all worth it usually.