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Since I’m contained to my home office all day and I work from home all the time, I realized that temperature control was extremely and all so very important! One issue I had though, was that I was wasting a great deal of energy by heating & cooling the entire house.  Plus, I was forced to leave my desk in order to access the control unit. I consulted with a local Heating & A/C professional & spent quite a bit making some upgrades to the temperature control. I added a wireless control component & zone control to our Heating & A/C system. The Heating & A/C contractor handled the entire project in a single day. I now have independent control unit thermostat in each room & the ability to control everything from the PC or ipad.  I can target heating/cooling to particular rooms & customize the temperature to meet our decreasing requirements. I’ve also set a program so that the furnace or air conditioner automatically keeps our home office at the perfect comfort level during our respected now working hours. I’ve greatly improved comfort & significantly trimmed the cost of biweekly utility bills. The savings should reuse the initial investment in under a few years. I am so glad I did this. Oh yes, I really am! Praise HVAC technology!

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