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I have been looking to get some kind of central heating and cooling system for my home because for years, I have been dealing with those ugly and pain in the butt to take in and out window air conditioning units. While in my deep searches, I came across ductless air conditioning systems, which are a less extravagant and less expensive alternative to central cooling. I now have a single outdoor component, which links to several separate air handlers permanently mounted up high on the wall. The air handlers are lightweight, fairly charming, & give powerful & efficient cooling. The installation process was completed in a single day, with no teardown of walls & particularly little mess. The ductless cooling system was not overly overpriced, & yet absolutely manages the heat & humidity. The multi-split mini-split plan features inverter technology which allows it to automatically adapt speed to accommodate increasing requirements.  Because the air conditioning system runs longer at lower speeds, it optimizes dehumidification & efficiency. Plus, the individual air handlers allow us to customize temperature settings room by room. It is the perfect way to obtain zone control for a very low price to instal and run per month. I highly suggest this to family and friends, and more or less anyone looking to have cheap HVAC in their home today!

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