Taking out our HVAC filter

Family reunions are tricky but fun, which is why you have years ahead of time to get them figured! But my family has a bad tendency to procrastinate plus put things off until the last moment possible! I still remember a single family gathering, where my dad waited until two weeks before the trip to call plus reserve a hotel for a full week; how could anyone do that? That’s the level of procrastination I deal with in my family! So when my uncle plus aunt sent invitations to the family reunion with only a week’s notice, I knew I was in for a wild ride! The community rec center was to be our party destination. While that’s not necessarily a poor thing, the rec center had pretty terrible indoor air quality. I recognized that the property managers had neglected to rotate the air filters out for quite some time, plus their heating plus air conditioner unit was absolutely overdue for a tune-up! To make things even worse, the already poorly functioning air conditioner idea completely died. It was supposed to cool a room with forty people inside. The rec room became so hot plus stuffy that, as a result, all of us had to move the event outside! It was a hot day outside, however at least there was a breeze. As my siblings and I moved our food plus games outside the rec room, our parents disappeared to go talk to the property managers in the leasing office. A Heating as well as Air Conditioning service truck pulled up in front of the rec center only twenty minutes later; whatever they said must’ve been pretty severe! Thankfully, the heating plus air conditioner specialist was able to remedy the concern with the air conditioning, plus get it going once again. He said it would keep us cool for now, however he would absolutely need to come back plus perform a typical tune-up on the equipment. Hopefully the AC lasts for the rest of the reunion.

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