Want the HVAC ducts taken care of

I like pets as much as the next person would claim. Whether it’s a cute little squirrel, or a huge grown dog, I can’t keep myself from gussying up and trying to pet the animal! As much as I do enjoy playing with an animal, domestic or wild – I don’t care much for pets that find their way into our home without anticipation or being welcomed in! It’s a rare event, but a once in a lifetime event can convince you that it could happen every single day if you don’t take the necessary precaution. Let me explain. Last summer, twe dealt with a heatwave the likes of which the we hadn’t seen in years. It was over one-hundred degrees almost every single day, and the humidity was almost too much to bear. As if the stress from the heat wasn’t bad enough, our air conditioner started causing the house to have this horrible odor! We couldn’t put our finger on it. We checked the air filter and checked the HVAC duct from where the we could see inWe found nothing that could be causing the indoor air quality to be taking the nosedive that it was. , Then, the we heard it – this distinct skittering sound, like an animal trying to claw out of the HVAC duct! We promptly shut off the air conditioning system and called pest control to come pull the animal out of the HVAC duct. We then made sure to trap the animal once we located where it was in the ducts, We were careful not to cut off all airflow to the animal – you don’t want to kill them, just get them out! Once pest control arrived, they were able to retrieve the culprit from the HVAC duct – the smallest baby squirrel had managed to work their way into the HVAC duct, likely in an attempt to escape the summer heat! Poor little guy, I wish I could’ve just taken care of him in the open air of our home!